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Cupid is out there doing his dirty work and these days he is in the shape of a rather hunky gay porn star model. I was watching this new scene from Str8 To Gay and getting into the pool-playing setup when suddenly we cut to a guy in the woods. He had a bow and arrow and was aiming at something. I first thought, ‘what the…?’ and then realised what was going on and smiled a bit. Ah ha! Cupid is out there looking all hairy and hunky and he’s found a couple to aim his love darts at. In this case it’s Colby Jansen and adult gay model Ricky Decker.

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You might remember Colby from his appearances in Daddy’s Club where he was teamed up with other older, hunkier guys, each of whom had their own younger homosexual slave. He gave excellent performances in those movies as the studly top the he is. And you might also remember Ricky from his first appearance (this movie marks his second) where he was set up with Tom Faulk in Big Dicks At School. If you’ve not caught these shows then you can do that once you’re signed up to this gay sex site as you’ll get access to all of their sites with a membership. But meanwhile, that Cupid’s arrow is whizzing its way from the enchanted forest to the pool room and…

The adult star Colby Jansen has got fed up with playing this straight game and wants to play another, so he turns his attention to Ricky and comes out with it: I want you sucking on my gay cock, or words to that effect. Ricky, playing the straight guys of the site’s title (Str8 to Gay) is not so sure, but it doesn’t take a lot of persuasion to get him down and sucking on Colby’s nine inch cut cock. Ricky’s dark dick is only one inch shorter (not that this is a Rugby competition) and gets some serious tongue and lip attention from older hunk Colby as the two guys strip down to go totally naked in the pool room.

Colby gets to top again in this scene, taking straight guy Ricky up against the wall and on the sofa. There are some great up-close shots here where you can see Colby’s long cock sliding easily all the way into Ricky’s ass, all the way to the hilt, filmed from underneath, behind and, when Ricky is sitting on that cock, from in front. It’s a great fuck scene, and a pretty long one, and it culminates in a couple of nicely noisy cum shots. I reckon Cupid put more than love in his arrows; there was some kind of lust drug in them too. It’s a hot scene that needs to be checked out. check out more of the gay porn star Colby Jansen

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Filmed by the best gay porn paysite on the internet today – Men and released by ‘Drill My Hole’, ‘The Clipboard Artist’, staring Dennis West and Roman Todd, just might change your minds about those researchers we meet and ignore in the streets.
Roman Todd (and boy has he beefed it up or what?) is standing in the streets trying to get people to stop and speak about how good it is to be a vegan. He only has one name on his clipboard and he has been standing in the street for ages, until Dennis West comes along and stops to speak to him. Dennis tells him that he in a hurry and that he has to meet in a girl in a coffee house. He stays for a while anyway, and then starts to feel sorry for Roman as he has done so little. Roman asks him if he can come back to his house to do a quick promo video with him talking about being a vegan and ofcoz loves gay sex. Dennis is unsure, but goes along with him anyway.

Once in the house Dennis is a bit like a cat in a trap. He turns away from Roman to read the script that he has been given. He doesn’t have a clue what it’s all about as he reads out load how good semen is, and how many proteins it has. He looks up and sits there in shock as Roman has stripped completely naked and is stroking on his thick, juicy cock. Dennis reminds him that he is straight, but Roman still wants him to have sex with him. Dennis complains that he can’t just flick a switch and be gay, but once again, Roman moves closer to him and tells him to carry on reading.
As he reads, Roman touches his cock through his pants, he tells him that, if it is easier for him, he will start sucking his cock instead. Dennis just sits there not knowing what to do as Roman pulls the eight inch hard cock out of his pants and starts getting it wet in his mouth as he sucks on it.
As usual with straight guys, Dennis is soon moaning out loud with the feeling of another str8 guy sucking his cock and knowing how much better it is. He strips naked and leans back and just lets Roman carry on sucking his cock and sending bolts of electricity up his legs, into his balls and up his spine.
Roman moves up on the couch and gets Dennis to get on his knees and suck his gay cock. Dennis really gets into it, and when he’s not deep throating Roman’s cock, Roman thrusts it into him as he face fucks him. Dennis is so turned on with the smell and taste of a hard cock inside him that he strokes on his own dick and plays with his balls.
Roman gets Dennis to sit down as he squats over his cock and sits down on top of it. Once again, Dennis can’t believe how good it is to be having sex with a guy. He can feel how tight Roman’s asshole is as it claps around him like a vice. Dennis then takes charge. He gets Roman on his hands and knees and talks dirty to him and slaps his firm butt hard as he fucks him doggy style for a while.
Roman Todd then then gets on his back as he gets drilled in the missionary position. Dennis shouts out, and as he pulls his cock out of that beautiful tight hole, he spurts his hot cum over Roman’s body. Roman cums soon after, and with hot cum dripping down his body, Dennis West looks down at him and tells him he still has to go for that coffee.

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All tough Roman Todd has always had a good body; it is obvious he has been down the gym, and wow, what a handsome hunk he has become. He has a smooth chest with a few tattoos, and a juicy fuckable asshole. He is six foot one inch with dark blonde hair and sea blue eyes. He is a top with a seven inch cut cock, but now and then loves to get fucked. He has starred in 23 hardcore movies for, and in his last movie which was released by ‘Jizz Orgy’ he had a great foursome with Aspen, Dalton Briggs and Will Braun in ‘The Purge.’
Dennis West is a good looking guy who quite often plays the daddy, or uncle figure. He has a slight figure, and has a short cropped beard. He is an all exclusive star to the adult sex site MEN and is very popular all over. Dennis is versatile with a juicy thick eight inch cut dick and a lovely set of balls that that hand underneath him just perfectly. He has brown hair, blue eyes and is five feet ten inches tall.
Dennis has starred in 36 hardcore movies with the Men paysite , and his next movie, he gets fucked by his landlord, Jimmy Durano in ‘The New Landlord.’
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